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Dedicated Game Servers

Rust, Arma, Ark Survival Evolved, Day Z, 7 Days to Die servers, this is all about PingPerfect. This website provides hundreds of premium game servers for the most popular online games. Enjoy!
Play all the popular online games with PingPerfect. Using this company’s servers you can be sure that your gaming experience is lag-free and no DDOS attack are menacing your safety.

Why you should choose PingPerfect - Latest hardware. PingPerfect regularly updates the hardware and keeps an eye on the latest trends in the gaming world. - Secure and fast. A private network with a dedicated 10gb feed to the cabinets in our datacenters with direct peering guarantees safety and confidential data protection. You can expect low ping for true to life gaming performance. - Wide choice of games. You can choose from over a 100 of most popular multiplayer online game to enjoy and try out with your friends. - Great coverage. PingPerfect has server locations all around the world: the UK, France, Poland, the USA, Turkey, Russia, Brazil and so on. Wherever you are in the world, you are going to have the best lightning speed gaming experience.

The company is all about the quality of service and customer satisfaction. If you have tried the servers but not sure if you want a subscription or not yet, they regularly provide special offers and discounts.

Don’t miss out!