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Fast Game Server Hosting

GTXGaming provides opportunity to buy servers for more than 40 games! Round the clock support, no memory limits, ddos protection, this is just the part of GTXGaming list of advantages. Also there are a lot of payment methods, including cryptocurrency.
Gtxgaming.co.uk is a game hosting platform. It provides you with game servers to for a seamless experience at a reasonable price.

Gaming servers have to be very powerful and swiftly process great amounts of data. That is why you cannot just rent any server. However, with gtxgaming.co.uk it is easy to make a choice.

Why choose gtxgaming.co.uk Gtxgaming has been hosting game servers for almost 10 years. This experience helped them to achieve excellence in what they do.

These are the reasons to choose gtxgaming.co.uk over hundreds of other platforms:

You will have access to a mobile control panel for easy gaming server administration. Elegant designs. Gtxgaming has an elegant an intuitive design, so you are definitely going to enjoy your gaming experience.

Gaming network lets you play with your friends in the real time mode. You decide how many people you want on your server. Gtxgaming has a wide net of server locations so the game load is extremely fast no matter the traffic. You can use Game Switching option, once you get bored of the game you are playing at the moment.

The company provides full backup of all data. Your results in the game are safe with gtxgaming hosting provider. The servers are securely protected from DDOS attacks. You can be sure that your private data is at no risk.

The updates of hardware happen every year. It decreases risks of server problems and data loss to the minimum. The coverage is worldwide, so you can enjoy your favorite game wherever you are.

Numbers: - 61,512 games deployed; - 4,731 happy clients; - 1,023 dedicated servers; - 27 data centers worldwide.